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Batch Fourteen

Started:  7 pm. July 23, 2017
Finished: 12 am. July 25, 2017
Approx. Total Time: 29 hours
Content: Mini Marshmallow, Ice Cream: Vanilla Bean, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Monster

Batch Thirteen

Started:  10 am. July 21, 2017
Finished: 12 pm. July 23, 2017
Approx. Total Time: 50 hours
Content:  Peaches

Batch Twelve

Started:  7 am. July 15, 2017
Finished: 4 am. July 17, 2017
Approx. Total Time: 45 hours
Content: Blueberry, Peach, Tomato, Green Bean

When I slide the pump back after changing the oil, I bumped the cords. One of the plugs came out a tiny bit.  The screen indicated I need to check the plugs. The picture displayed on the screen did not match any of the cords I could see. I had push the cord on the back of the unit back in. When my husband was available he helped me check the cord on the shelves. Everything looked fine, so we started the machine again. The plug in the back must of been the issue, because it didn't tell me to fix anything after that.

Batch Eleven

Started:  11 am. July 13, 2017
Finished: 5 am. July 15, 2017
Approx. Total Time: 42 hours
Content: Strawberry, Raspberry, Zucchini

Two hours of dry time added so I didn't have to wake up so early.

Batch Ten

Started:  8 pm. July 11, 2017
Finished: 5 am. July 13, 2017
Approx. Total Time: 33 hours
Content:  Potato, Raw Onion, Chives, Mini Marshmallow

Batch Nine

Started:  3 pm. July 9, 2017
Finished: 7 am. July 11, 2017
Approx. Total Time: 40 hours
Content: Strawberry, Banana, Apple

Batch Eight

Started:  11 am. July 7, 2017
Finished: 8 am. July 9, 2017
Approx. Total Time: 45 hours
Content: Frozen Berry Fruit Mix, Raspberry, Smoked Pork, Sweet Corn

The fruit mixes were purchased at the store. We had used some of the bag for smoothies.  The fruit mix with the pineapple didn't dry all of the way. I didn't not notice until I had already started the defrost.

Batch Seven

Started:  10 am. July 5, 2017
Finished: 11 pm. July 6, 2017
Approx. Total Time: 36 hours
Content:  Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana, Mini Marshmallow

Batch Six

Started:  7 pm. July 3, 2017
Finished: 6 am. July 5, 2017
Approx. Total Time: 25 hours
Content: Raw Eggs, Avocado, Yogurt Bites, Ice Cream Sandwich

Batch Five

Started:  7 pm. July 1, 2017
Finished: 5 pm. July 3, 2017
Approx. Total Time: 48 hours
Content:  Stew, Sausage & Potato Breakfast, Cookie Dough, Sour Cream, Cheese, Barbecue Sauce

Batch Four

Started:  11 am. June 29, 2017
Finished: 2 pm. July 1, 2017
Approx. Total Time: 50 hours. 2 hours of extra dry time added
Content: Peaches